Super Martingale

Super Martingale System

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The Super Martingale rouleytte system is in the same family as the Martingale System and works in a similar fashion except for one caveat: it's turbo-charged. As well as doubling your bet after a loss, you also add a unit for good measure. This way, instead of (hopefully) just making your original profit target after a string of losses, you make a higher profit if your bet comes in. But of course, your betting progression is more aggressive- so you'll need to commit more money to the progression.

After a win, you keep to your original bet (let's say a 1 unit bet for the sake of argument). If you lose, you double your bet  to claw back losses, and you add on another unit (or whatever you decide is your "top up bet") to accelerate your profit when your luck (hopefully) turns.

Test the Super Martingale Below on European Roulette Below For Free.
Max bet on inside bets $1000, outside bets:  $100
Hit the black "Registration" button at the top left of the game to bet for real.

Negative Progression

Like The Martingale, the Super Martingale is a negative progression because you increase bets after a loss. It is the opposite of the Reverse Martingale, in which you increase bets after a win.

Let's look at a typical progression, starting with the lowest possible bet: 1

1, 3, 7, 15, 31, 63, 127, 255, 511, 1023, 2047

You'll notice that the bets ramp up more quickly then the Standard Martingale, of course.

Where's The Catch?

Well, just as with the Martingale, all is well and good with this system, if you win your bets within the table limits. The problem comes when you hit a particularly long losing streak- you may have to bet big to win a small amount, and you may run out of room to increase your bets to cover your losses if you hit the table maximums. You need nerves of steel with this system!

Plus, as this is the super-charged version, you are going to hit the table limits faster than you would when playing the standard Martingale. So if you are going to play this, make sure you find a table with high limits, and set yourself a strict stop loss and take profit. This is a high risk system- not for the faint hearted.

Be Careful

Remember, you dissappear into a black hole quicker than you would playing straight Martingale if you hit a losing streak. This system is not good for the heart! Your wins will be bigger on a good run (purple patch), and your losses will be greater on a bad run. Sound familiar? More risk both ways.

A High Roller System

This is a system that is only really suited to high-risk gamblers. Remember that you may end up betting 255 units for an 8 unit profit, and even possibly more. 

Where to play the Super Martingale

We'd go for casinos that have high table limits and specialise in roulette, with multiple variants, like Ladbrokes. Be wary of casinos that offer massive deposit bonuses- these are generally applicable to slots, and if you play roulette and take the bonus, you'll end up having to play through your bonus AND your deposit alot of times before you can cash out your winnings.